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Admission Open for Moving to Class 7 8 9 10 CBSE - Admission Open for Moving to Class 7 8 9 10 GSEB - CBSE Batches begin March 2023 - GSEB Batches begin April 2023 - Admissions Open for Class 11 / 12 Commerce and Science including School Integrated Program.

Vadodaras very own coaching institute

About Us

Lulla Classes is Vadodara’s very own Coaching Institute serving the student community since the last FIVE decades. Lulla Classes helps students of CBSE / GSEB / ICSE from Standard 6 to 12 achieve Academic Excellence in all core subjects. Apart from the preparation of JEE / NEET and Foundation Programs, we excel at developing the talent of budding Scientists, Philosophers, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs alike. Some of Vadodara’s most Famous personalities have been nurtured at Lulla Classes. We have been consistently providing an excellent platform for the preparation of careers through competitive exams and board level education.


Our Popular programs

Pre Foundation

These are the years where a child solidifies the base of knowledge, by absorbing the concepts correctly. We train students for school and competitive exams.


These are the years where children build on his core concepts so that they can become capable to choose a career. We teach as per the NEP 2020 guidelines.

Vigyaan Shikshan

To progress in the direction of pursuing a career in Engineering / Medical or Pure Sciences, a student is taught to excel in the subjects of choice.

Vanijya Shikshan

To progress inpursuing a career in Commercial Field or Professional courses such as CA / CS / BBA / MBA , a student is taught to excel in the subjects of choice.

Our Footprint

We have taught more than 15000 students in the last 20 years alone. We are Vadodara's most trusted education Partner since the last 60 years. We have more than 18 courses taught to to hundreds of students everyday.

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Admission 2024 details

Admission Open for All Batches 2023 & 2024:
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Register now with Vadodara's No.1 Coaching Institute. Admission open for all Classes: Std 7 8 9 10 as well as Std 11/12 Science & Commerce. -Courses available for JEE | NEET | BOARD | FOUNDATION (English & Gujarati Medium)

Students Speak

Education is not just about passing exams, its about making the right impact on the minds of the students to build the leaders of tomorrow.

<p>My favourite subjects are Maths and physics. I like to come to Lulla classes because the teachers are very positive especially Dev sir who makes mathematics super fun. Tanu ma’am is excellent in teaching physics. She makes everything easy to understand. Sapna ma’am is also the best in teaching English and also she has a great vocabulary which is a blessing to us. The faculties are great and the atmosphere is very blissful. Lulla class is a great platform for anyone who wants to achieve greatness.</p>

Margee Joshi

<p>The 3 years that I spent in lulla classes was amazing. For me Lulla classes was not a coaching institution or tution class, but it was a family for me. And my three year old experience is enough to say that !!! This faculty has played the most important role in my life by helping me to score great marks and because of them only, my parents are proud of me. Here in lulla classes, we were not only taught to solve problems of textbook but also the problems of our lives!!! I want to thank Dev sir, Sapna Mam and all teachers, to you i owe my gratitude and success.</p>

Anujit Nair

<p>I am not feeling any hesitation to say that Your organization is undoubtedly outperformed our expectations about our children’s performance. I have experienced not once but twice. Consistent good teaching performance is the key and Lulla classes has achieved this with big bang !! We as a parent wish you all the best to keep up the same and contribute good teaching methodology and add value to student’s future roadmap for coming days and years.</p>

Regards Rajendra Joshi and Madhavi Joshi ( parents of Nandini Joshi)

<p id="sp-bez9pzwvyb" class="sp-p-4 sp-rounded-md sp-testimonial-comment sp-mb-4 sp-testimonial-comment-eiu765">Thank you for the guidance that you have provided throughout the year. I wish I had joined the classes earlier than I did. But thank you for the support and guidance you have shown throughout the years. You have really changed my perspective in just these few months. And I am grateful for everything you've done for us.</p>

Devanshi S

Class 10 Student

    Standards We Teach

    Lulla classes is an Established name in IIT | JEE | NEET | FOUNDaTION | BOARD preparation,
    Guiding studets of 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 - 12 A&B group science since 2012. At Lulla classes, We empower our students.


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